WWE Reveals Five ‘WrestleMania’ Secrets


Triple H

Wait … who led Triple H out to the ring at WrestleMania XXX?
(Photo : WWE)

Just three days away from WrestleMania 32, World Wrestling Entertainment is pulling back the curtains to let the WWE Universe know five secrets about “The Show of Shows.”

After 30-plus years there have been many untold stories and legends floating around the business and WWE’s weekly segment, 5 Things, tackled a handful of those tales Thursday.

To start things off, the company reveals that WWE Divas champion Charlotte, “The Boss” Sasha Banks and NXT’s Alexa Bliss actually joined Triple H in his grand WrestleMania XXX entrance in New Orleans, when he lost to Daniel Bryan. Pretty cool.

As the segment continued, WWE casts light on a wardrobe malfunction of sorts, revealing that Stone Cold Steve Austin was so excited about WrestleMania XV in Philadelphia back in 1999 that he forgot his signature black leather vest and had to wear a T-shirt down to the ring. Cody Rhodes, too, had Texas Longhorn-inspired gear customized for WrestleMania XXV, but didn’t have a match on the card and thus didn’t get to show off the threads.

Moving on, although The Undertaker is synonymous for his 21-match WrestleMania winning streak, he also owns another streak that the WWE Universe might not be aware of. What streak would that be? Well, The Undertaker has made 15 consecutive appearances at WrestleMania, from the 17th annual installment to 31 on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.” Second behind him? John Cena, who made 12 straight appearances at “The Show of Shows,” before being slated to miss this Sunday night’s installment.

The “Macho Man” Randy Savage made history competing four times to capture the then-WWF World Heavyweight title in WrestleMania IV back in 1988, but he was far from the only Superstar to have multiple matches within one of “The Show of Shows,” as WWE revealed 10 others did the same. That being said, only Yokozuna and Cesaro are the only Superstars to have multiple matches in one WrestleMania only to do the same the very next time on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

The No. 1 WrestleMania secret reveal is that 52 percent of champions retain their title at the event with The Big Show being the only Superstar to have competed for all four of WWE’s active championships at “The Show of Shows.”

Wow, we didn’t see that last one coming, but it does speak to Big Show’s longevity, so it makes sense.

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