Geek Gift: It’s a Water Bottle. It’s a Charger. It’s a Tunes Player


Still looking for that very unique holiday gift? This bottle provides water, mobile power and can carry a tune. The multifunction water bottle plays audio routed to it via Bluetooth or a 3.5-mm connection.
(Photo : Image courtesy of Amazon and Connetech)

What holds 12 ounces of water, charges mobile devices and cranks out tunes via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio connections?

Well, it’s one of the most unique water bottles any exercise enthusiast has ever come across as it also gives cyclists a recording of engine sounds, giving the impression their bicycles are powered by more than just legs.

Retailing for $39.99, Connetech’s newly released multifunction water bottle is designed for those who like to set their treks to the sounds of their favorite tracks. This Bluetooth-enabled water bottle brings life in the form of water, music and power for mobile devices.

The bottle can supply up to three hours of music streamed via Bluetooth, though that figure likely doubles when audio is played through a 3.5-mm audio connection. The Bluetooth-enabled bottle ships with a 3.5-mm to 3.5-mm cable, along with a USB charging cable and a manual for those up for some light reading.

“Using 2.1 Bluetooth technology, this stylish audio dock can provide a secure and reliable connection to most of Bluetooth-compatible devices,” states the product’s description. “It will automatically enter pairing mode once powered on and connect to the last-connected device automatically next time.” 

The Bluetooth-enabled bottle’s sound system delivers stereo audio over a single track, meaning left and right audio channels are streamed out of a single speaker. The bottle’s speaker can output up to 120 dB of sound.

With the bottle’s micro-USB ports, smartphones and other mobile devices can keep charged as they route music through the speaker unit. The speaker and power bank each have their own power sources, so users can still charge their devices when the music fades away.

The speaker’s battery capacity is 1,000 mAh and the power bank holds 3,000 mAh. Charging a device via the power bank is merely a matter of connecting the device via the supplied USB charging cable and then pressing the bank’s power button. The unit’s built-in lithium ion batteries are rechargeable.

In all, the Bluetooth bottle weighs roughly 14 ounces. The power bank and the speaker can both be detached from the water reservoir and a traditional lid can be attached to make transporting water still viable.

The unit’s ability to break down into three components helps to transport users beyond the trails and the wilds of concrete jungles.

On the beach or in an office of like-minded individuals, the detachable speaker can be used solely to share tunes with others. And when a little bit of power is needed for any device 2.1 amps and under, the detachable power bank can step up and answer the call.

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