YouTube Will Now Have Classic NFL Games Under Renewed Deal


The NFL’s deal with YouTube is expanding, and for football fans, the new agreement will open up a library of historical games like nothing we’ve seen before.

The NFL is notorious for protecting its footage from being easily accessible on any streaming service, but under this renewed deal with YouTube, the league is opening the doors so fans can watch dozens of historical games from all 32 NFL teams.

In a blog post over at, the league specified that “As part of the renewal, and for the first time ever on YouTube, the NFL will make available some of the most exciting games in NFL history. Three of the most memorable games for each of the 32 clubs in the NFL will be posted to the NFL’s official channel on YouTube prior to the start of the 2016 season.”

Similar to how the WWE Network acts as a time capsule for the company’s history, the NFL’s YouTube page will soon preserve some of the sport’s greatest moments, to be accessed by fans with a click of a button.

Unfortunately, we don’t exactly know what the NFL means when it refers to “memorable games” since no specifics have been made public, but hopefully we’ll see more games like “The Catch” and less games like “The Butt Fumble” pop up.

This news comes at a time when the league is learning to embrace streaming and Web-based content, coupled with the recent announcement that 10 Thursday Night Football games will be available to stream directly on Twitter.

This renewed partnership with YouTube isn’t just about history, though. The league is also working with YouTube to get highlights online while games are actually in progress, promising that hardcore fans will have their TVs on and laptops open to get their fill of the action every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

This is a logical step for the NFL, because while it is the most dominant sports league in the country, it has lagged behind MLB, NBA and even WWE when it comes to providing worthwhile content online.

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