This Twitter Feed That Compares WWE GIFs To Subway Sandwiches Is Amazing


The New Day

Nearly any experience at the fast food restaurant that one would come across is conveyed through WWE footage via this amazing social media account.
(Photo : WWE | YouTube)

Every so often on the Internet, something comes along that’s inexplicable … but inexplicably awesome.

Such is the case with the Twitter feed, @WWESubway, which compares various GIFs from World Wrestling Entertainment to the different experiences of eating a Subway sandwich, as spotted by Fox Sports. You cannot make this stuff up.

Having only sent 68 tweets and already counting upwards of 13,500 followers as of Thursday, the @WWESubway Twitter feed has shown a masterful ability to match WWE GIFs — both of classic and more modern footage — to various elements of eating at Subway.

As of the Thursday, online users can see everything from a GIF of The New Day dancing with the tweeted words, “when you and your buddies get free chips cause you know the sandwich artist,” to a GIF of the late Miss Elizabeth leading Hulk Hogan down to the ring and the words “when your girl takes you to Subway for your birthday.”

Absolutely hilarious!

Another tweet shows a GIF of the late Andre the Giant with his mammoth-sized hand, almost begging for a reason not to beat somebody up, accompanied by the words, “when the Subway sandwich artist starts making your sub with no gloves on.”

Check out the laugh-out-loud worthy tweets on the Twitter feed here.

Tech Times doesn’t know how or why the mind behind this feed created this, but is glad that the person did.

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