Scott Hall Thinks Sting Was Never Comfortable In WWE, Reveals Company’s Old Salary Scale


Scott Hall

The “Bad Guy” doesn’t hesitate in telling it like it is.
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On Monday, World Wrestling Entertainment announced that Sting will be inducted into its Hall of Fame on April 2, during the eve of WrestleMania 32.

The announcement was easily the best news to hit “the Icon” in an otherwise disappointing short stint in WWE, one in which he could truly never find his footing.

In a Sports Illustrated feature this week, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall spoke about Sting never quite being all the way comfortable with the company after years of ruling the ring with World Championship Wrestling. The “Bad Guy” goes as far as to say that Sting’s neck injury — which was suffered at Night of Champions this past September and could be career-ending — might just be a blessing in disguise for the legend.

“I was there and obviously involved in his match at WrestleMania last year,” Hall told SI, referring to Sting’s match against Triple H last March. “We’re rehearsing the match in Cali last year at Levi Stadium, and it’s the Kliq and the New Age Outlaws out there, and we all know each other. And then there’s Sting, who doesn’t know anybody. He’s an outsider. I just think he never felt comfortable there. Being hurt was answered prayer for him — just let it end.”

As part of the feature piece, Hall also shockingly revealed what WWE’s pay scale used to look like years ago.

“When you signed with [WWE owner] Vince [McMahon] — and this lasted until I left — it was a one-year contract that guaranteed you 10 matches at a minimum of $150 a match,” Hall said. “So that’s $1,500 a year you’re guaranteed. In exchange, you gave up everything. You can’t do interviews for anyone, you can’t appear for anyone, you can’t do anything. You gave everything to Vince for $1,500.”

Unbelievable … and probably not something McMahon wants out there. Regardless, Hall decided to let loose the information.

The “Bad Guy” has always gone by his own rules.

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