Don’t Worry, WWE Isn’t Releasing Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan

The company and several pro-wrestling insider websites didn’t take long to shoot this rumor down to the ground.
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Web rumors can get enough legs to run rampant all over the Internet, spreading like wildfire.

Well, World Wrestling Entertainment and pro-wrestling insider websites alike are doing what they can to chop the legs off this particular rumor and put it to bed quickly, before it leads to more speculation and the misleading of an entire WWE Universe.

No, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan has not been released by the company, refuting an Internet rumor that started to spread earlier this week.

Outlets from PW Insider to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer and Wrestling Inc. all shot down the rumor that had someone claiming to be a WWE employee, alleging that the company had let Bryan go.

Wrestling Inc. even quoted its WWE contact on Wednesday as saying: “There is no truth to this letter from a supposed WWE employee.”

This comes after Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom allegedly ran an anonymous tip from someone claiming to be a WWE human resources employee, insinuating that the company released Bryan and that the actual date that it will be effective is next Monday, Jan. 18.

Well, it’s good this rumor has been cut down to size.

What’s not a rumor, though, is Bryan still awaits medical clearance from WWE and is training in mixed martial arts (MMA) while he anticipates a final word.

Bryan suffered another serious neck injury last April and has been sidelined from ring action ever since.

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