5 WWE Superstars Who Are Undefeated At ‘WrestleMania’


Shane McMahon

Are you surprised to learn that Shane McMahon is one of them?
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Utter shock flooded the faces of the 75,000-plus fans who filled up the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans for WrestleMania XXX, the scene of the crime that had Brock Lesnar end the Undertaker’s streak at 21-0 (yeah, three F5s will end just about anything).

While the Dead Man’s WrestleMania winning streak was easily the most publicized, it doesn’t mean that other WWE superstars don’t have winning streaks of their own on the “Grandest Stage of Them All.” In fact, for the Wednesday episode of its weekly 5 Things feature, WWE counts five such superstars who have a WrestleMania winning streak intact, as the company heads into WrestleMania 32 just over two weeks away on April 3.

The Undertaker might be surprised to know that one of those superstars is none other than his opponent at the “Show of Shows,” Shane McMahon. That being said, it’s not much of a streak at just 2-0, counting victories over X-Pac and his own father, WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Still, a streak is a streak, right?

Also 2-0 at WrestleMania is AJ Lee, who outlasted the entire roster of WWE Divas at WrestleMania XXX, then teamed up with Paige to take out the Bella Twins the following year at WrestleMania 31. Hey, and for what it’s worth, that streak should be intact forever, as AJ has since left the company.

Who else is undefeated at the Super Bowl of professional wrestling? Well, here’s a weird one, but Ax, one-half of the old tag team Demolition. Ax was 3-0 at the big event, although Demolition tasted defeat once they replaced him with Crush.

From one tag team to another, the Legion of Doom is undefeated in WrestleMania with a 3-0 record, including one Chicago Street Fight match in which they teamed with Ahmed Johnson to destroy the Nation of Domination at WrestleMania 13 back in 1997.

Standing 4-0 at the “Show of Shows?” RVD. Rob Van Dam has an untouched 4-0, having lost at the Sunday Night Heat episode that aired minutes before WrestleMania XIX in 2003 — and since it wasn’t part of the grandest stage, it didn’t count as a loss at the big event.

Specifically, let’s see if Shane-O-Mac can defeat the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell and build a serious streak of his own.

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