Watch The Undertaker’s Insane 500-Pound Barbell Rack Pull And Absurd Box Jump


The Undertaker

Fifty years old and doing this? Insane.
(Photo : joedefranco | YouTube)

Shane McMahon — be afraid … very afraid.

The Undertaker is more than hulking up for his Hell in a Cell match against Shane-O-Mac at WrestleMania 32 on April 3.

In a video published on YouTube on Tuesday and spotted by, the Phenom lifts 500 pounds on a barbell rack pull, signaling there could be hell to pay for McMahon in less than a month’s time before a raucous crowd of an expected 100,000 fans at ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

We’ve seen tweeted videos of McMahon training for the bout, but this one is downright frightening, considering the Undertaker turns 51 in just over a week’s time and is still able to work out like this. There was truth in jest, when Shane-O-Mac joked “stop working out,” when asked if he had a message for the Dead Man during an appearance on ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show earlier this month.

However, wait … it only gets better. Part of the same training video published Tuesday shows the Undertaker also executing a picture-perfect box jump of 40 inches — 36 inches of the box with an additional four inches of foam padding to add to the difficulty of the explosive exercise.

See the ridiculous training feats for yourself.

All this has us believing that Taker and Shane will be in the greatest shapes of their lives entering the “Grandest Stage of Them All,” and that the Dead Man might punish Shane-O-Mac more than the WWE Universe is even ready for.

Perhaps former WWE announcer-turned ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman said it best in an interview with Tech Times:

“Shane McMahon has always been a dynamic performer. The Undertaker is now at a point where he put his body through almost everything he possibly could and he’s able to get up about once a year, twice a year and still have a magical Undertaker performance. That’s what I expect from WrestleMania. That’s what WrestleMania is all about,” Coachman said. “It’s about surprising the fans with something big and Hell in a Cell is not something you just throw out there. Hell in a Cell is something that rarely could you find two guys who are willing to do it, but can do it to the extent where the fans leave saying, ‘Holy crap! What did I just watch?’ Shane McMahon has always been willing to put his body on the line and [his] reputation on the line.”

All this being said, hey, Shane-O-Mac more than held his own in a confrontation with the Undertaker earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, before Vince McMahon gave the Phenom an assist.

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