Bray Wyatt To Miss ‘WrestleMania 32,’ But WWE Reportedly Has Big Plans For Him After


Bray Wyatt

Will the “Face of Fear” re-emerge as a top heel for the company after the April 3 event?
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Bray Wyatt more than established himself as WWE’s top heel as a result of his lengthy battles with John Cena, Dean Ambrose, the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

However, shortly after he and the Wyatt Family eliminated “the Beast” from the Royal Rumble back in January, the faction’s role has sort of dwindled in the storylines, with its leader Bray being the most impacted. That was only compounded by the company having a change of heart and pitting Ambrose to face Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 on April 3 instead of Bray.

All that wound up happening was that Luke Harper fought Lesnar this past weekend at WWE Roadblock in Wyatt’s place, with Bray himself in Harper’s corner. The company essentially used the event as a way to write off the “Face of Fear” momentarily. However, why?

Well, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently weighed in on the situation, saying Bray has an injury significant enough for him to miss the “Show of Shows,” but not major enough to the point that he’ll be sidelined for much longer than that. In fact, when he returns, Bray might just get to be WWE’s top heel, with Meltzer even mentioning some superstars with whom he could immediately be in embroiled feuds.

“[Wyatt’s] supposed to do something with Lesnar at some point, he’s supposed to do something with Roman Reigns again, they’re supposed to get back to that,” Meltzer said, as reported by “It sounds like Bray is going to be the top heel down the line and that hasn’t changed. It’s not like the injury is so big that they have to redo that.”

This revelation comes two weeks after Stone Cold Steve Austin voiced his displeasure with WWE over not giving Bray and the entire Wyatt Family their just due, calling it a “travesty.”

“They’ve homogenized the Wyatt Family,” Austin said on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Show podcast late last month. “They’ve got great music. They’ve got a great entrance. Bray cuts a hell of a promo and Luke Harper is starting to cut great promos. He has drastically improved, too, and I know this guy’s a veteran guy. These guys were some of the hottest guys in the company a year, a year and a half ago.”

He added that the “Face of Fear” has unfairly been the hardest hit.

“Here we are now and, I mean, just quite frankly, it is what it is,” Austin continued about the Wyatts. “They don’t mean what they should to this company. And Bray Wyatt, being the leader of this faction, is taking a huge hit. And that’s a travesty of booking right there because, again, these are some very talented guys within the Wyatt Family structure.”

We couldn’t agree more with Austin. Bray in particular can cut an intriguing promo as well as anyone, and he’s certainly skilled in the ring as well. His only place should be among the top of whatever’s going on in WWE.

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