Sting Talks Striking Similarity Of Matches Against Ric Flair



When you fight “thousands of times” against the same opponent, it’s hard to get creative.
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Sting vs. Ric Flair will go down in the annals of pro-wrestling history as being arguably the greatest rivalry that sports entertainment has ever seen.

All of the matches in their iconic rivalry are also strikingly similar. That’s the conclusion that Sting came to when he recently sat down with WWE for a video the company published on its YouTube account Thursday.

In the clip, Sting, with a remote control in his hand and one of his many bouts with the “Nature Boy” on his television, says, “these matches against Ric were all the same. They were the same.”

“I can remember having these talks with Ric, you know, after the like 900th time working with him. I can remember saying, ‘Ric, we got to change it up. We got to change it up,'” Sting continues. “And then, he’d tell me the story about him when he was younger, watching Ray Stevens. He said, ‘If I went to watch Ray Stevens wrestle and he didn’t do his deal on the turnbuckle and flip over the top like that, I feel like I got ripped off. So he said, ‘I want to give them all of that and more.'”

The “Icon” went on to say that, while the matches that they had weren’t the exact same thing over and over, they were close to being identical just because the two legendary performers were so familiar with each other in the ring.

“You think about how many times we did work together … how much more creative can you get?” Sting questioned. “Because with Ric, we’re not going to have ladders or brawls up into the audience … Ric didn’t like that kind of stuff. I liked it. I liked to do all that. But Ric, he wanted to have just a wrestling match in the ring.”

So, how much did the two-time WWE Hall of Famer Flair and soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Sting actually wrestle? By Sting’s count, “thousands of times.”

We speak for wrestling fans around the world in saying just having “a wrestling match in the ring” was more than enough entertainment for us.

With the two knowing each other for decades, dating back to the National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling and now WWE, it should be amazing to see Flair induct Sting into the Hall of Fame on April 2, the day before WrestleMania 32.

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