Is Finn Balor Staying In NXT Or Making The Jump To WWE’s Main Roster?


The Demon seems to be trolling the WWE Universe with his next move.
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Will Finn Balor be on Monday Night Raw tonight or not? That’s the burning question that the WWE Universe will tune in to see tonight with great anticipation.

After losing his NXT title, the same one he held for 292 days, to Samoa Joe last Thursday night during a live event in Lowell, Massachusetts, it appeared that Balor would be making the jump up to WWE’s main roster soon.

Balor himself seemed to confirm just that by stepping off the bus following his loss and telling the gathered Lowell crowd, “See you all on Monday!” Of course, the moment was recorded and published on YouTube for the rest of pro wrestling’s rabid fans to consume and hang onto as proof that Balor is ready to get Raw. Why else would Balor let loose of a statement like that, right?

But just as speculation about Balor heading to Raw to help build the Bullet Club with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows increased, The Demon seemingly backtracked two days later during another NXT live event in Poughkeepsie, New York on Saturday night. There, he announced, “I ain’t going anywhere. Finn Balor is NXT and I’m staying in NXT.”

So, what’s the story? Is Finn Balor staying put in NXT or making the jump up to WWE’s main roster? Whatever the outcome will be, it’s clear that The Demon is trolling the WWE Universe and seemingly loving it.

If we had to take a stab at it, we’d guess that Balor will indeed appear on Raw tonight and not waste any time in rejoining forces with Anderson and Gallows to plant the Bullet Club’s soil firmly in WWE. The timing is perfect with AJ Styles, another former Bullet Club member from New Japan Pro Wrestling, being the No. 1 contender for Roman Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Remember, Styles downplayed Anderson and Gallows’ ambush of Reigns last week on Raw, saying that he didn’t order the hit. Hmm … maybe Balor did and this is the start of collusion that will pave the way for the Bullet Club being a real force in WWE.

Balor, Anderson, Gallows and a newly crowned World Heavyweight champion in Styles would certainly be exciting to see as one faction. We’ll see if and when Balor makes his main roster debut and how Styles fares against Reigns at Payback (2016) on Sunday night.

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