5 Superstars Brock Lesnar Could Target Next


We haven’t seen The Beast since WrestleMania 32, but could Payback be the place where he launches his next feud?
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The Beast has been missing in action since F5’ing Dean Ambrose onto a bed of steel chairs to win a no-holds-barred street fight at WrestleMania 32 nearly three weeks ago. What carnage that was!

Not having seen Brock Lesnar since “The Show of Shows” on April 3, the WWE Universe has been chomping at the bit, waiting for him to splash back onto the scene. That includes us!

The question is who will Brock put in his crosshairs next?

Having said that, we’ve taken liberty to project The Beast’s next possible feuds, otherwise known as the next five WWE Superstars most likely to get dropped on their faces by the F5. Oh … this could wind up being very ugly.

Godspeed to these Superstars who could very well stare across the ring to see Brock Lesnar ready to destroy them.


Still searching for ways to breathe life into Cesaro’s career, what better way than to let the King of Swing attempt to tame The Beast? Raw power versus brute force. Cesaro is slated to face The Miz for the Intercontinental championship at Payback (2016) on May 1 in Las Vegas.

Perhaps that’s the opening Brock needs to pay Cesaro an impromptu visit, but who are we kidding? Brock doesn’t need an opening. He’s The Beast – he creates them. Win or lose, if the sight of Cesaro manhandling and throwing Brock around wouldn’t get him over with the WWE Universe, nothing would.

Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns definitely have a brutal history, but now that the Roman Empire holds the most coveted prize of them all in the WWE World Heavyweight championship, perhaps The Beast wants something that Reigns has and will do anything to get it. We already witnessed the carnage that these two are capable of and could easily see Brock re-igniting this heated feud.

Bray Wyatt

Brock Lesnar has laid The Wyatt Family to waste many times over the past few months, dating back to last year. Yet, he technically never got revenge for the Wyatts eliminating him from the Royal Rumble this past January. Remember, Brock was on a collision course to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 32, but when The New Face of Fear got injured, the company had to swap him out with Dean Ambrose, who bore every bit of the brunt of Lesnar’s punishment.

Again, Bray is sidelined, this time in the form of a calf injury, but if he could make it back in time for Payback, Brock could teach him just how cold revenge can be come May 1.


If The Big Guy is indeed the “Main Attraction” and “the greatest Big Guy in the world,” it’s time WWE really feeds him more in the form of a feud with Brock Lesnar. To be the best Big Guy requires getting past The Beast of a roadblock that is Brock without having to make any stops through Suplex City. It’s time to see what Ryback’s really made of.

Kevin Owens

We’re going to go ahead and say that the Kevin Owens-Sami Zayn match at Payback will be the best bout on the pay-per-view card. One way to end that war and start a new one is for Brock to chin-check KO. More than anyone else on WWE’s roster, Lesnar and Owens love a good fight. Although KO gives up height and weight to Brock, you know he would bring the fight. We’d love to see a feud spark between the two – and soon.

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