Is Conor McGregor Plotting A Jump To WWE?


Hey, anything is possible.
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It’s still being speculated whether Conor McGregor’s shocking retirement tweet Tuesday was genuine or if he’s simply angry about having to take part in the UFC’s mandatory press sessions.

Whatever the story is, the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter seems to have a unique opportunity on the table if he wants it — from World Wrestling Entertainment.

Fresh off of learning of McGregor’s tweet, WWE Diva and fellow Dublin, Ireland product Becky Lynch fired off a tweet of her own.

It’s noteworthy, considering McGregor reportedly began following Lynch, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H almost immediately after making his announcement Tuesday, according to

Is McGregor considering a jump from UFC to WWE? Hey, it has happened before, as Ken Shamrock pulled it off to have a successful run in sports entertainment, and Brock Lesnar jumped from WWE to the UFC and back to WWE, returning as just as much of the “Beast” as he was before.

Off personality alone, you’d think McGregor would be an absolute hit with the WWE Universe and the roster backstage. Additionally, making the move would seemingly prolong his career.

As ESPN pointed out yesterday, McGregor was deeply affected by witnessing Portuguese MMA fighter Joao Carvalho die from injuries suffered in a fight earlier this month in Dublin — so much so that he offered this statement on his Facebook page last week:

“To see a young man doing what he loves, competing for a chance at a better life and then to have it taken away is truly heartbreaking,” McGregor wrote on his Facebook account. “We are just men and women doing something we love in the hope of a better life for ourselves and our families. Nobody involved in combat sports of any kind wants to see this. It is such a rare occurrence that I don’t know how to take this.”

If he is sincere about his retirement from MMA, then WWE might have the best shot of scooping him up.

However, we’ll have to wait and see, considering UFC president Dana White made sure to put it out there that the reason for McGregor’s tweet might have been anger over refusing to fulfill the promotion’s required media engagements to hype his Nate Diaz rematch, which was supposed to take place on July 9 at UFC 200.

One thing’s for sure — how incredible would McGregor in WWE be?

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