Why The League Of Nations Are Disbanding


An injury to a certain WWE Superstar reportedly sealed the deal on the faction comprised of Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio.
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It was the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 32, when Bray Wyatt and his Wyatt Family ambushed the League of Nations, leaving them sprawled out in the squared circle.

That laid the groundwork for a feud to spark between the two factions, with WWE even pairing Roman Reigns and The New Face of Fear to take on the League of Nations’ Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio on Raw a week later.

But when Bray suffered a calf injury two weeks ago, those plans were instantly scrapped, leaving WWE to book the League of Nations in some patchwork matches, including teaming with The Miz to go up against Cesaro and The New Day last week on Raw.

Now, according to a WhatCulture.com report, the League of Nations is no more, disbanding as a faction as we know it to be. While on the Spanish leg of WWE’s 2016 European tour, Del Rio confirmed the fork in the road for the League of Nations, including himself, Sheamus and Rusev. They will each go their own way, adding that Bray’s injury cemented the decision.

Del Rio added that the group has had trouble with chemistry issues and that Wyatt’s injury left them without a story line to move the faction forward, thus forcing the decision. The fallout of the League of Nations being broken up is how WWE will re-introduce each Superstar back into the singles story lines, putting them in situations where they can still generate heat.

Now, more than ever, it’s going to be a challenge, especially considering Shane McMahon’s presence has paved the way for an influx of NXT talent to make their debuts on Raw. Perhaps that’s just it, though.

Early on, the company might want to consider putting Sheamus, Rusev or Del Rio up against an Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin or Finn Balor if he winds up appearing on WWE’s flagship program.

Of the three, though, would Sheamus, Rusev or Del Rio get closest to being main event-level Superstars once again moving forward? There’s probably not enough room for all three, but one could do it. We’d like to think that one would be Sheamus, but don’t count Rusev nor Del Rio out, either.

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