John Cena Is Trolling The WWE Universe About A Heel Turn


The 15-time WWE champion is definitely playing with fans’ feelings at this point.
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John Cena is definitely hearing all the speculation about turning heel from the WWE Universe and seemingly all the media outlets that weigh in on the company’s storylines.

After tweeting his return date of Memorial Day (May 30) earlier this week, the WWE superstar took to his Twitter account again Tuesday to poke fun at all the rumored reports circulating around him and a possible 180-degree turn from babyface to heel.

Clever, Cena. We see what you did there. However, he has to realize that pro-wrestling fans — us included — read into everything and will most certainly read into this as well. In fact, by joking about a heel — or heal — turn, Cena is seemingly putting more spotlight on it. Whether that is what he and WWE are intending to do or not remains to be seen, but a large segment of the WWE Universe has been calling on Cena to make the turn for quite some time.

In fact, three weeks ago, we pointed out that Cena basks in the hate so much and so well that it’s now or never for the full-on heel-turn. That being said, Cena skated around the very subject when Complex approached him about it during a QA interview earlier this month.

However, the 15-time champion did use the platform to go into detail about how he relishes being a company guy.

“I’m a company guy. I believe in our brand and I believe that my success has come from believing in our brand,” Cena told Complex on April 1, two days before he ran in and saved the Rock from the Wyatt Family at WrestleMania 32. “Entertainment is often a medium in which you can put yourself front and center. But just as we’re doing a photo shoot now, there will probably be someone else in here an hour after me and an hour after that and an hour after that. We are easily replaced. The spotlight shines quick and then it shifts.

“My theory is if you can contribute and the brand can do well, then you will reap the benefits of a good brand rather than forcing the spotlight to shine on yourself,” he added. “Although it’s a contest of individual personalities, I’ve always stayed focused on how big the entity above me can get.”

The entity above you would explode if you ever turn heel again. Cena is having fun with this … we can tell.

He may have more fun committing to being a full-time heel, even if it breaks the hearts of his younger fan base.

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