WWE To Honor Daniel Bryan With Network Special


Daniel Bryan

“Thank You Daniel” will reportedly air on the WWE Network following the March 28 episode of “Monday Night Raw.”
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It’s been over a month since Daniel Bryan emotionally announced his retirement on Monday Night Raw.

The WWE Universe did its part, showering the fan-favorite Superstar with nonstop “Yes” chants as a final tribute. But now, it’s time for WWE to honor Bryan in its own way, separately.

According to WrestlingInc.com, the company is set to do just that, planning to air a Thank You Daniel special on the WWE Network after the March 28 episode of Raw. Like specials of these kinds in the past, Thank You Daniel will chronicle Bryan’s meteoric rise up the company’s ranks as a celebratory look at his career and life.

The news of the special broadcast comes a little over a month since Bryan announced his retirement on the Feb. 8 edition of Raw.

“It gets to a point where they tell you [you] can’t wrestle anymore. For a long time, I fought that, because this … I have loved this in a way that I’ve never loved anything else,” Bryan explained on that episode, while also revealing that the number of concussions he suffered only increased over the years. “But a week and a half ago, I took a test that said that maybe my brain isn’t OK as I thought it was. I have a family to think about. It is with a heavier heart and the utmost sadness that I officially announce my retirement
his head and neck injuries took too much of a toll on Bryan’s body and overall ability to perform as a WWE Superstar, the former WWE World Heavyweight champion used his time on the microphone last month to soak in being the people’s champ one last time.

“Tomorrow morning, I start a new life — a life where I am no longer a wrestler,” Bryan continued. “But that is tomorrow, and that is not tonight. And by damn, I have one more night to feel this energy and to feel this crowd, so if I could just get one last ‘Yes!’ chant, I would really appreciate it.”

The WWE Universe gave Bryan what he asked for, blasting him with the “Yes!” chant as a final salute.

We look forward to WWE doing the same with this special.

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