Will Vince McMahon Give Control Of ‘Raw’ To Shane Or Stephanie McMahon?


The WWE CEO will make his decision live at ‘Payback’ this Sunday night.
(Photo : WWE.com)

When Stephanie McMahon interrupted her brother on Monday Night Raw last night, she came equipped with a bombshell of an announcement.

The billionaire baroness informed Shane-O-Mac that at Payback this Sunday night, their father and WWE CEO Vince McMahon will decide on who’s going to get control of Raw.

Interesting. The WWE Universe has witnessed the injection of excitement that Shane has given Raw during his weeks at the helm of the program and the rather biased way that the Stephanie and Triple H-led Authority has run the show prior to that as well. Now, the fate of Raw comes down to Mr. McMahon’s decision.

Or so it seems. Just because WWE is promoting Mr. McMahon’s highly-anticipated decision at Payback, that doesn’t mean he has to decide between his kids. In fact, we think it would be better for business and spell a more entertaining product to have McMahon decide that Shane and Stephanie have to split the power and control Raw together. The back-and-forth insults between the two and one-upmanship would result in must-see WWE TV every week.

Whatever transpires, though, since the Raw after WrestleMania on April 4, when Mr. McMahon handed the reins of the company’s flagship program to Shane, there’s no doubt that Shane-O-Mac has delivered with a more exciting product than that of the Authority before him.

In his weeks at the helm, Shane has opened up the floodgates, allowing an influx of NXT talent to invade the show, including Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews. For what it’s worth, Shane also tabbed the fatal fourway match consisting of Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Chris Jericho and AJ Styles, which paved the way for the Phenomenal One to be crowned the No. 1 contender for Roman Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight title.

In addition, the emergence of the Bullet Club’s Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows happened on his watch, sparking the kind of rush and excitement that the WWE Universe hasn’t seen in quite some time.

Shane is clearly doing the better job, but it remains to be seen how Mr. McMahon rates it.

Will Vince give control of Raw to Shane, Stephanie or both? We’d count on the latter.

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