Will John Cena Make His Return At ‘Payback?’


If so, how will the WWE superstar make his impact felt?
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John Cena confirmed that he was medically cleared to return to the ring right before WrestleMania 32 on April 3.

All we’ve gotten after that confirmation, though, was him running in to help the Rock from a Wyatt Family drubbing at the “Show of Shows” and tons of promotion for American Grit, the Fox television show he hosts.

In fact, the WWE superstar hasn’t made an appearance on Monday Night Raw since that WrestleMania moment, which begs for the question — exactly when will John Cena return to action?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as spotted by WrestlingInc., is reporting that Cena’s projected return is May, which was bumped up two months from the July estimate rumored only a few weeks ago.

Well, if this latest projection pans out, his return would coincide with WWE’s Payback at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill. on May 1. How would Cena make his presence felt at that pay-per-view event?

Judging from the way the card is taking shape, we’d like to think that, if there’s one match that Cena would have a hand in affecting the outcome of, it’d be the main event pitting WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns against AJ Styles. How exactly would Cena interfere in that match?

Speaking to Complex in an interview, which was published April 1, Cena felt like he should have been back before WrestleMania.

“If you ask me today, I should’ve been back two weeks ago,” Cena, who had shoulder surgery in January, told the site. “I’ve logged almost 400 hours of physical therapy. I got 111 visits in 12 weeks’ time. I go every single second I can. People say I have a Wolverine-like style of recovery. I was given a nine-month quota to come back, and after three months I can tell you that I am ready to do anything asked of me possible. It’s a matter of when they call me.”

If that time is indeed May 1 for Payback, the ever-lingering thought of whether this is the time that WWE will make him a full-blown heel will likely follow.

Ask us, and it’s time. The babyface routine has worn its course. The time for change is now. It’s time that the company man rebels.

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