The WWE Attendance Record Wasn’t The Only New Mark That ‘WrestleMania’ Set


Shane McMahon

How much do you think “The Show of Shows” raked in?
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World Wrestling Entertainment sought out to do it and got the job done with WrestleMania 32 setting a new WWE attendance record of 101,763 fans this past Sunday night.

While the record, which was announced by The Rock live at ATT Stadium in Dallas as part of “The Show of Shows” itself, amazed the WWE Universe … it wasn’t the only new mark that WWE set.

In a press release sent to Tech Times and other media outlets Thursday, the company announced that WrestleMania 32 was also the highest-grossing live event in WWE history, raking in $17.3 million. In addition, “The Show of Shows” also shattered records for digital and social-media engagement and merchandise sales.

The company cited data from Nielsen Social claiming that WrestleMania 32 was the most social event in WWE history with 2.5 million mentions on Twitter throughout this past Sunday and 1.3 million mentions during the four-hour broadcast alone. That’s a 50-percent and 18-percent increase year-over-year in each social category, respectively.

But there’s more that WWE has to be proud about over its version of the Super Bowl. The company says that WWE content generated upwards of 250 million video views across its, WWE app and social media over the course of last week, leading up to the event itself on the evening of April 3. That marks a ridiculous 122-percent increase from last year.

While still waiting for pay-per-view data, the company was elated to report that WrestleMania 32 reached 1.82 million households worldwie on its WWE Network alone. Very impressive. The event also generated a record $4.55 million in merchandise.

We’d like to think that Shane McMahon returning to the company for the first time in over six years and taking on The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match on “The Grandest Stage of Them All” had a lot to do with the surge in numbers across the board.

How could it not? Judging his penchant for putting his body on the line, we all knew Shane-O-Mac was going to do something memorable and he more than delivered, launching himself off the 20-foot structure and going through a table in a highlight that will live on in WWE lore forever.

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