British media hail ‘King’ Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton's win was his 11th of the season, compared to Nico Rosberg's five, and he finished 67 points clear at the top of the title standings (Source: Reuters) Lewis Hamilton’s win was his 11th of the season, compared to Nico Rosberg’s five, and he finished 67 points clear at the top of the title standings (Source: Reuters)

The front pages of British newspapers were splashed with photos of a champagne-soaked Lewis Hamilton dubbed the king of Formula One today, after he claimed a second world title.

The 29-year-old became the first Brit to win more than one championship since 1968, and the fourth British driver ever to do so, when he won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday to secure the title which he first won in 2008.

“Tearful Hamilton is crowned king of F1” announced the Daily Mirror, while the Daily Express chose the back page headline “on top of the world”.

In reference to the congratulations of Prince Harry, who attended the race and told Hamilton he was a “legend” over the in-car radio, The Times ran the back page headline “Royal seal of approval for King Hamilton”.

With the caption “Sparkling moment for Hamilton as he clinches F1 title”, The Daily Telegraph showed a photo of the champion being sprayed with champagne as he held the cup.

With a vivid photo of the driver raising his fist in victory in front of a Union Jack flag, The Daily Telegraph’s sports section announced “Hamilton joins the sporting greats by winning his second world title”.

The Daily Mail punned with the back page headline “The Wheel Deal”, while the Daily Star chose “Lew beaut!” with a photo of the champion triumphantly carrying the British flag.

The newspaper noted Hamilton’s triumph in his season-long battle with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, saying “Hamilton leaves Nico in his wake”.

The Guardian also picked a pun to illustrate a photo of Hamilton as he was lifted up by his team, with the subtitle “Lapping it up: Hamilton’s second F1 world title.”

The Sun highlighted Hamilton’s switch to new team Mercedes after quitting McLaren, reporting that he would “cash in” by opening talks for a £100 million deal.

Hamilton’s popstar girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger also drew headlines, with the Daily Mail running a front-page photo of the singer with her hands to her mouth in the tense moments before his victory.

Daily paper the Metro showed a picture of the performer, who rose to fame as a member of The Pussycat Dolls, kissing the driver’s helmet with the caption “Hamilton’s F1 title sealed with Nic’s kiss”.

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