Bah Gawd! ‘The Simpsons’ Gets Mashed Up With Jim Ross’ WWE Commentary


It’s hard to top the comedic genius of The Simpsons’ golden years, but this video manages to get the job done by mashing up some of the series’ most violent moments with the hellashish commentary of WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross.

It may seem like sacrilege to replace the vocal stylings of Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria and the rest of the crew, but after a few “Bah Gawds” you should be on board.

The video doesn’t just nail the commentary, though. The sound effects are perfectly timed to each clip, bringing that authentic WWE feel to every chair shot, right hook and spear the denizens of Springfield unleash on each other.

I don’t know how long the folks at Four Finger Discount spent finding the perfect JR sound bite for each scene, but they must all be closet WWE obsessives to get this thing so right. All of Ross’ most famous calls are here, most notably his iconic (and frantic) shouts of “As god as my witness, he is broken in half!” from Mankind’s fall from the top of the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998.

This video is pretty much right in the sweet spot of anyone that grew up in the ‘90s. It’s almost amazing that it took this long for someone to bring JR to Springfield, since we know how Ross’ commentary can improve pretty much anything, from video games to Game of Thrones.

Well enough talking; just watch the video below:

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