5 Situations Dr. Phil Can Help The WWE Roster With On ‘Raw’


Dr. Phil

Only Dr. Phil McGraw can shed light on these troubling matters, including the most notorious father-son saga around.
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The news of Dr. Phil McGraw appearing on Monday Night Raw live from Los Angeles tonight might be a head-scratcher for most of the WWE Universe.

However, fear not — the host and executive producer of the top daytime talk show Dr. Phil could actually be of help to WWE’s roster, which is afflicted by a bevy of problems.

Here, we pinpoint five situations that Dr. Phil can help WWE’s roster on Raw tonight. After all, McGraw is Raw!

Vince McMahon-Shane McMahon Power Struggle For Raw

Vince McMahon gave his son control of Monday Night Raw last week for the crucial after-WrestleMania show. Now, the question is: will Shane-O-Mac keep control of the company’s flagship show a week after lighting it up with an impressive influx of NXT talent? We smell a power struggle, and who better than Dr. Phil to get to the bottom of it?

If not for rights to pull the reins of Raw, at least McGraw could tackle Vince disowning his son and relegating him to the last word in the S.O.B. acronym. This strained father-son relationship needs all the help it can get.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Reasserting Themselves

There’s no doubt that Triple H losing the WWE World Heavyweight title to Roman Reigns last weekend at WrestleMania 32 had him and his wife, Stephanie, losing some of their power overseeing the action, allowing a battered Shane McMahon to sneak in and run Raw.

Now, it’s time for Triple H and Stephanie to reassert themselves and grab some of their power back. In order to do so, they might need to sit down with McGraw for a heart to heart and some self-fulfilling prophecy.

League of Nations Chemistry Issues

Rumored to be walking away from the company this summer, King Barrett was rather unceremoniously kicked out of his own faction last Monday night, when his League of Nations brethren attacked him after a loss to the New Day. Currently in season 14 of his show, which has also been renewed through 2020, McGraw will need to handle all the ornery personalities of the crew like only he can. Hey, Dr. Phil … just don’t get too close to Rusev. That could get ugly.

John Cena’s Identity Crisis

For months — if not, years — John Cena has walked the fine line of being a babyface who relishes in the hate of being a heel without fully crossing over to the other side. It remains WWE’s biggest identity crisis, one that needs McGraw’s input. It’s high time that Cena sit down with Dr. Phil and is totally honest with who he is and how he’d like to be viewed by the WWE Universe. It’s now or never, John. Get the help you need. It starts with you.

The Wyatt Family Staying at the Forefront of WWE Storylines

They’re arguably the darkest bunch WWE has, deriving pleasure from others’ pain. However, there’s no doubt that the Wyatt Family, especially its leader Bray, has an insatiable hunger to be among the top in the business, having a hand in its most significant outcomes.

That’s where you’d add Dr. Phil and have him delve into what nobody else has been able to — the psyche of Bray and what makes him and his Wyatts tick. Godspeed, Dr. Phil.

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