WWE Launches All-New WWE.com, Enhancing Video And Social Media Sharing



The new features tout the ability for fans to share content on their social media channels from anywhere on the site.
(Photo : WWE.com)

World Wrestling Entertainment has bodyslammed WWE.com to give its website an all-new look.

On Thursday, the company announced the launch of its all-new website, packed with a variety of designs and experiences that it promises to change, dependent on the time of the day and day of the week that fans log on. WWE.com’s facelift comes just three days before its big Fastlane pay-per-view event, which should make the website a prime-and-readied destination for fans Sunday night, spilling over into Monday Night Raw.

WWE worked with Code and Theory to deliver its new website. Code and Theory is the mind behind websites such as NBC, Bloomberg and Vogue.

With a mere glance at WWE.com’s new design, the homepage seems to pop more and appears even busier, with what the company calls its “mobile-first approach in design, delivering a seamless experience for fans across handsets, tablets or desktop computers.”

WWE especially seems to be proud of the video experience that the new site will deliver to its legions of fans, with what it refers to as a “best-in-class, innovative video experience that puts video first and nearly everywhere.” 

“The persistent, site-wide video experience presents contextually relevant clips, depending on when fans visit the site and what pages they visit,” the company promised via its press release statement to announce the updated look.

The homepage is also now equipped with an infinite scroll and improved social-media sharing and commenting features, allowing fans to share content within seconds from anywhere they happen to be on the site.

“WWE has always been at the forefront of embracing new technology, and the all-new WWE.com will allow us to better serve our fans by providing them with compelling content anytime, anywhere on the platform of their choice,” Rajan Mehta, WWE Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said in the company’s press release statement. “With locally relevant content, WWE.com will enhance the experience for our fans around the world.”

The update has even taken on a more worldwide approach, with the launch of Spanish and German language sites in addition to English, to deliver more local-relevant content to WWE fans around the world.

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