Triple H And ESPN Personality Bury The Hatchet


Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Michelle Beadle

Triple H meets with Michelle Beadle to have long overdue discussion.
(Photo : @TripleH | Twitter)

If you’re familiar with Michelle Beadle, you know the ESPN personality isn’t afraid to speak her mind … even if it’s against a co-worker.

In a July 2014 episode of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith insinuated that some women are to blame for domestic violence, leading Beadle to rip him publicly on Twitter and the Worldwide Leader in Sports to suspend Smith for a week (Smith offered a public apology).

By the same token, Beadle has been vocal about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the retired undefeated boxing champion’s history of domestic violence incidents. Beadle felt so strongly about it that she tweeted and even dedicated a lengthy May 2015 online post — using TwitLonger — to explain how she was no longer a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) mostly because of Triple H continuing to publicly support Mayweather’s career, despite the company’s zero-tolerance policy against domestic violence.

Triple H has continued to display his relationship with Floyd Mayweather through social media, the most recent being a hearty congratulations to the boxer following his victory,” Beadle wrote in that post. “It’s not my place to say what one should and should not do on Twitter, especially during personal time. However the era in which we’re living is rapidly changing. And the lines between one’s corporate and private personas have blurred. Triple H has over two million followers. He’s one of the faces of a company that depends on a healthy public image.

“I realize he doesn’t speak for everyone, but does he realize that when he shows support to a convicted batterer, friend or not, it can effectively damage so much goodwill that the company is admittedly doing?” she continued. “It’s hard to sell a message of anti-bullying while slapping the ultimate bully on the back. I was a fan [of WWE]. A big fan. But it’s time to use my voice.”

The online post spread over the Internet quickly, as Beadle gave up her pastime of enjoying WWE’s product and being a loyal fan.

All this being said, though, this story has a good ending, as both Triple H and Beadle tweeted about meeting Monday night and burying the hatchet.

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