Steve Ballmer buys the Clippers for $2 billion: What he plans on doing with the team?


Steve Ballmer

We have no doubt in our minds that Steve Ballmer has big plans for the LA Clippers. He’s a man without fear, and always willing to sweat for what he loves, literally.
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Steve Ballmer is now or soon to be the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, pending approval from the NBA board of governors. In light of this, Donald Sterling is suing the NBA for $1billion, though it is not sure how far he’ll get with that. The big question though, is what Steve Ballmer plans to do with the LA Clippers.

We all know Steve and how energetic he is from his time as Microsoft’s second CEO. The man is a total monster when he’s hyper, and we love it. Seeing Ballmer in action is something we’ll miss in the tech world, but if the stars are aligned in the right position, we may very well witness his antics on the Basketball court.

Just imagine if the Clippers manage to win a trophy in the years to come? No doubt Ballmer will be out in full force with sweaty running everywhere, and no one will find it gross. Chances are, his antics on the court would make great gifs.

Let’s get down to the meat of the issue here. What plans does Steve Ballmer have the LA Clippers, should everything goes his way. We are going to look at two important things that we believe will definitely happen, since this is Ballmer we’re talking about.

Number one, move the Clippers to Seattle and change the name to the Seattle Clippers.

Steve Ballmer is not from Los Angeles; he’s based in Seattle and as such, we believe he would want to bring his new team closer to home. The only reason Ballmer might choose to keep the Clippers in LA, would be because of the higher business opportunities there.

In the early days, we expect the Clippers to stay in LA, but as time goes by, Ballmer would likely consider moving to Seattle.

Number two, landing an advertisement deal with Microsoft.

Microsoft will always be the first love child of Steve Ballmer; it will always be his first home. He’s a company man through and through, and we believe he’d want to boost the prospects of Microsoft by landing a deal where Microsoft would plaster its logos on player uniforms and in the home court. This will likely happen, because this is Steve Ballmer, company man and former CEO, who truly loves Microsoft.

Number three, sweat, screams and enough craziness.

Say what you want to say about Steve Ballmer, but this man has got soul and heart, and when it goes all in, he is bound to give off a great performance. If the Clippers should ever win a title, believe us Ballmer is going to flip out and go crazy. We demand the gods to put this into motion, allow the Clippers to win a title under Ballmer’s leadership.

Number four, Clippers becoming champions.

Hey, we’re not crazy for saying this. Bear in mind that Steve Ballmer is worth over $20 billion, and he still owns stock in Microsoft, so that cash reserve is always growing. If he spends his money wisely on the Clippers and recruit great players, we have little reasons to believe things won’t work out. Probably not now, but in the coming years, it could happen.

Better players equal a better team, and a better team equals championship potential.

We’re happy for Ballmer, considering if the NBA approves and if Donald Sterling doesn’t get his way in court. Spending $2 billion on the Clippers is far more than what the team is worth, but this shouldn’t be an issue for Steve. He wasn’t the best leader at Microsoft in terms of innovation, but he improved the company’s profit every year. This proves he’s more of a business man than a CEO, so his skills should work wonderfully as owner of the Clippers.

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