Shane McMahon Returns To WWE, But What Family Secrets Are In That ‘Lock Box’ He Talked About?


Shane McMahon

Under the condition of his return, Shane O’ Mac will have to surrender a lock box of McMahon family secrets if he loses his ‘WrestleMania 32’ match against the Undertaker.
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“Here comes the money!”

With those four words blaring over the speakers at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena, Shane McMahon returned to World Wrestling Entertainment for the first time in six years, blatantly interrupting his dad Vince McMahon from bestowing the “Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award” onto none other than his sister, Stephanie McMahon, live on Monday Night Raw.

Within seconds, Shane O’ Mac’s return turned into an instant trending topic on Twitter. However, as the shock of seeing him in a WWE ring again was setting in, Vince’s son didn’t waste any time explaining why he came back and what he wants.

After admonishing his sister of being unworthy of a Legacy of Excellence Award, Shane explained how Vince once screwed up royally and he was the one to save him, paving the way for him to request full control of Raw moving forward.

A slightly nervous Vince wound up cutting Shane a deal, in which if Shane O’ Mac could defeat an opponent of Mr. McMahon’s choosing, he would get full control of Raw. If he fails to do so and loses, Shane must surrender a lock box of undisclosed family secrets.

With the deal in place, Mr. McMahon doused the negotiation with instant gasoline, revealing that Shane would be fighting at WrestleMania 32 on April 3 and against none other than the Undertaker.

While that was a lot to take in during one of the most electric opening moments of Raw, when the excitement settled a bit, Tech Times got to thinking more about that lock box of undisclosed family secrets. Hmm … what could they be?

When Shane said Vince screwed up big time and that he was there to save him, what could he have been referring to?

Tech Times has some wild ideas. Just imagine for a second that the storyline is that McMahon sold his stake of the company to his wife Linda McMahon, with such an event paving the way for Linda’s return. Or what if the storyline is Shane saved Vince from losing the control of the company to none other than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, creating the lane for the Texas Rattlesnake to return and have a regular role with the company?

Or maybe the family secret is staring right in front of us in the form of the Undertaker. The Dead Man did try to marry Stephanie McMahon in a dark wedding back in the day. Could that ceremony come back to haunt the McMahon family and Triple H?

Ahh … the possibilities are just endless.

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