Shane McMahon Is Apparently Fine After His Hell In A Cell Dive At ‘WrestleMania 32’


Shane McMahon

Amazing, considering the severity of his 20-foot fall through a table.
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Shane McMahon is one crazy guy.

With a record 101,000-plus fans at the edge of their seats in ATT Stadium on Sunday night, Shane-O-Mac more than delivered his WrestleMania 32 moment for the ages. Scaling up the Hell in a Cell, McMahon launched himself off of it for an elbow smash that broke through an empty table as the Undertaker moved just in time to avoid the high-risk maneuver.

As the capacity crowd and many more watching at home couldn’t believe they had just witnessed his 20-foot free-fall, Shane-O-Mac showed just how crazy he can be by motioning to the Phenom to keep bringing it just moments later.

That would pave the way for the Dead Man to seal McMahon’s fate, lifting his limp body into the ring to deliver a Tombstone to get the pinfall victory. WWE more than sold the effects from the Hell in a Cell, showing Shane being loaded up onto a stretcher to be taken to a local hospital, while he gave a thumbs up to the crowd on the way out.

According to, as reported by, Shane is fine after the brutal match, and hasn’t suffered any injuries from the fall or any other part of the match. We wonder if the older Undertaker can say the same. While Shane-O-Mac’s fall off the Hell in a Cell wasn’t as jarring a sight as Mankind’s drop off the destructive complex back in 1998, it was easily a Top 10 WrestleMania highlight of all time. Not bad for the boss’s son, who doesn’t stop short of using his body as a weapon at any chance he gets, and has more than earned the respect of his fellow WWE performers.

It’s going to be intriguing to see if Shane will make an appearance on Monday Night Raw tonight after his failed attempt to gain control of WWE’s flagship show, which would have been the case had he defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

While it’s almost inevitable that WWE CEO and Shane’s father, Vince McMahon, will berate his son for failing to win the big match, we wonder if Shane-O-Mac will have a trick up his sleeve if he shows up. We’d count on it.

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