PSG responds to Neymar’s agent


PSG has never offered Neymar an agreement of 40 million euros

Paris Saint-Germain has been with the buy of Neymar, notwithstanding ready to pay the condition of 190 million euros, and a yearly compensation of 40 million euros for Barcelona star.

This is an announcement made in a transmission on ESPN Brazil, the striker’s specialist, Wagner Ribeiro.

Be that as it may, this announcement Eshe denied by PSG, where they say it is a gibberish and untrue.

Paris rapidly came foreswearing, on the every day l “Eqipe. “It is entirely untrue. Such a pay would cost the club no less than 60 million euro for each year. This is humiliating. Neymar is utilized to build the chances of Barcelona “, was the reaction of the French club.

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