One ‘WrestleMania 32’ Match Has Already Been Moved To The Pre-Show



The good news is it could become a tables match.
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World Wrestling Entertainment just released a video of five never-before-seen WrestleMania matches earlier this week.

Within the clip, the company mentions the Bodydonnas snatching the tag team titles from the Godwinns with a little outside interference assist from former WWE diva Sunny. That particular match took place before WrestleMania XII went live in 1996 to give Bret “the Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels time to operate in their legendary 60-minute Iron Match for the then-WWF World Heavyweight title.

Well, now, it turns out that another tag team match will be hitting the cutting room floor in not being broadcasted live as part of WrestleMania 32, live from the ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas on April 3. Which match? The Usos vs. the Dudley Boyz, as reported by, will apparently be moved to the Kickoff Pre-Show before the “Show of Shows” even rings its first bell.

While the exact reason isn’t known as of press time, presumably, giving bigger bouts such as the Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon Hell in a Cell match and the Triple H vs. Roman Reigns World Heavyweight title clash more time to work would be a good bet as to why the Usos vs. Dudleys is being pushed to a dark match.

For those in the WWE Universe who feel let down after following the heated feud between the Usos and Dudleys, because their match will be part of the pre-show … there is some potentially good news about this move. is additionally reporting that the bizarre but budding tag team of R-Truth and Goldust could join the fray, with the added stipulation of it being a tables match as well. Now, if that happens, it should make for quality WWE action, making the Kickoff Pre-Show all the more worthy of watching.

The way we look at it is the Usos vs. Dudleys rivalry has already included the use of tables by both teams. Why not add R-Truth and Goldust to the mix and make it a tables match? Sounds like nothing but a home run to us. We guess we’ll find out on Monday Night Raw if this rumored report pans out to be true.

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