How WWE Is Desperately Trying To Breathe Life Into Cesaro’s Personality


Sticking him alongside the New Day on ‘Monday Night Raw’ certainly helped.
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Vince McMahon didn’t hold back his feelings about Cesaro, saying the “King of Swing” lacks the “it” factor during an appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast back in December 2014.

Although the WWE CEO commended Cesaro for his super-human strength, he admitted that he didn’t know what to do to inject some life into the superstar’s character so that his mic could generate the kind of interest with the WWE Universe that his power does week after week on Monday Night Raw.

Well, in the past few days alone, we have seen the company make conscious attempts to do just that.

On Monday, WWE posted a YouTube video of Cesaro surprising fans who were getting their tires changed at Vianor. The skit had a faux offender giving customers a hard time, until the “King of Swing” entered the garage and wrapped him in a tire. To be very honest, the skit was a fail. It just wasn’t as funny as the company might have hoped it would be, especially when compared with skits from his fellow superstars.

Here, you be the judge.

Later that night on Raw, WWE used better judgment, sticking Cesaro on a team with the New Day to take on the Miz and the League of Nations. If you know that one of your superstars is struggling to generate fan interest on the mic as Cesaro is, who better than to stick him in the ring with than the New Day? They’re arguably the most entertaining superstars on WWE’s roster.

It was great to see Cesaro let loose and have some fun beside them in WWE’s continued pursuit to breathe life into his personality. In the past, we have seen talent in similar positions as Cesaro simply fade away. However, the company can’t afford to have that happen with Cesaro. His world-class strength and talent is just too good to go to waste.

Mr. McMahon, during that same podcast appearance, said that he thought making Paul Heyman Cesaro’s mouthpiece actually stunted his growth, for whatever reason, sounding stumped about his next move.

Well, Brock Lesnar does fine speaking on a limited basis and having Heyman doing the talking for him. Then again, the “Beast” is on a limited schedule, so he might not be the best example.

The company could always have Cesaro revert to being a heel, or it could find someone else to do the talking for him. It could be very far-fetched, because we know he has his hands full guiding the career of his daughter Charlotte, but would Ric Flair mentoring and grooming Cesaro be an option? We’d love to see the “Nature Boy” or someone in that vein beside the “King of Swing,” and soon.

He’s just too good not to get the desired buzz.

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