How Bray Wyatt’s Latest Setback Should Affect His WWE Career


Not the news “The New Face of Fear” wanted to get.
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Bray Wyatt had a significant-enough injury for him to miss action at WrestleMania 32, sans an electric confrontation with The Rock before 101,000-plus fans at the ATT Stadium in Dallas on April 3.

But all seemed to be well with “The New Face of Fear,” as he led the way for The Wyatt Family to dismantle the League of Nations last week on Monday Night Raw. That paved the way for Bray to team with WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns to take on Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio for the main event on the company’s flagship show earlier this week.

Not only did Reigns and Wyatt win the match despite their heated rivalry in the past, but Raw ended on a cliffhanger about what the Wyatts’ patriarch really wanted from Reigns.

But just when it seemed like Bray was well-positioned to once again unleash his terror in the top tier of WWE, there’s a setback.

Late Wednesday, reported that “Bray Wyatt suffered a right calf injury” during the first live event on WWE’s European tour in Milan, Italy earlier in the day. While the extent of the injury is unknown as of press time, what’s clear is a possible absence from the ring will definitely affect Bray’s trajectory in the company.

During the Road to WrestleMania, there seemed to be a conscious beating of the drum on WWE that Bray and The Wyatt Family weren’t getting their fair share and that their presence was fading in the storylines.

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin even blamed the company for homogenizing the faction, calling their booking “a travesty” with Bray “taking a huge hit,” while adding that the group doesn’t mean what they should to WWE.

The company must have heard the outcry, immediately putting Bray back at the forefront of its main storylines and arguably even teasing a babyface turn from the heel that he has played so well. Over the past two weeks of Raw alone, the pop that Bray has received from the crowd has arguably been the loudest of his career.

The company definitely seemed to have major plans for Bray with this news of his calf injury seemingly throwing them awry.

If he has to miss a significant amount of time, his character and role could take a hit, as somebody will inevitably be plugged into his spot against Reigns to generate some type of heat, making Bray play catch-up upon his return.

Hopefully, the injury isn’t anything too serious.

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