Fan Launches Online Petition To Make Columbus, Ohio, Build Statue In Macho Man’s Honor


Macho Man Randy Savage

With the late Randy Savage being a native son of the city, one fan thinks it’s only right.
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The charisma, the ability to cut one classic promo after another with a microphone in his hands and his moves in the ring … Oooh Yeaaah!

The late Macho Man Randy Savage captured the hearts of pro-wrestling fans — and beyond — around the world right until his untimely death due to cardiac arrhythmia in May 2011.

Nearly five years after Savage’s passing, one of his fans thinks there could be an even greater tribute bestowed upon the fallen legend than being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. What could that possibly be? A statue in his honor in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Rolling Stone spotted an online petition from a fan named Joe Chapman on, imploring Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther to honor Savage, who he describes as “an incredible athlete, performer and cultural icon,” with a statue of him in downtown Columbus.

“Randy Mario Poffo, also known as Macho Man Randy Savage, is known the world over as one of the world’s best professional wrestlers of all time,” Chapman writes on the online petition. “During Savage’s 32-year pro wrestling career, he held over 20 championships, including the WWF and WCW World Heavyweight title and is a WWE Hall of Famer. Randy Savage also wrestled in what most considered the best wrestling match of all time in front of 93,000 fans at Wrestlemania III.

“What most do not know is that Randy Savage was born in Columbus, Ohio,” he continued. “Columbus should honor it’s native son by placing a statue of [him in] downtown Columbus. Macho Man Randy Savage was an incredible athlete, performer, and cultural icon. Columbus should do the Poffo family proud by building a statue in his honor.”

It would be an incredible gesture. Already, Chapman, who’s from London, Ohio, has amassed 1,433 supporters toward his goal of 2,500.

Having already been given tributes by the WWE, Slim Jim and even the popular video game Black Ops 3, a statue being built in Savage’s honor would take his level of immortalization to an entirely new level.

Now, the question is, will Mayor Ginther actually consider making this a reality?

Perhaps WWE could help Chapman make this happen. How about it, Vince McMahon?

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