Eddie ‘joke’ has affected Pies: Buckley

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AFL: The Eddie McGuire – Caroline Wilson saga has been a huge issue in the AFL and wider community this week.
Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley says it has had an effect on the Magpies playing group.

Nathan Buckley with Brodie Grundy at Collingwood training. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

EDDIE McGuire apologised to Collingwood staff members this week over his inappropriate comments on Queen’s Birthday, as coach Nathan Buckley admitted the fallout had “a significant impact” on the club.

Buckley revealed on Thursday McGuire’s public apology for his jibe on Caroline Wilson was followed by an address to staff members, but not the playing group.

“It is a significant impact because it is something that involved the whole football club,” Buckley said.

“I think it is great to see Ed take responsibility for it.


“We are a club that believes in respect for all. Ed slipped up and he has apologised internally as well as externally, for what he has said.

“Fundamentally, as a football club, we know what we stand for and Ed understands that his actions and comments were not representative of the Collingwood Football Club, or of his own values, I would have thought. (He) has communicated as much.”

Buckley said the playing group had spoken about the issue, emphasising the need for “taking responsibility for the fact that you are part of a major organisation.”

“How we carry ourselves doesn’t just reflect on the individual, their family and friends, but clearly the football club that they are a part of is part of the responsibility that we carry as a Collingwood footballer or staff member,” he said.

Buckley acknowledged that McGuire, who is now overseas, had been “deeply affected” by his comments, and the impact that they may have had on other people.

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